VMR Stradbroke Island

Our Squadron Base is located on the Moreton Bay (Western) side of North Stradbroke Island and overlooks an area called One Mile in the township of Dunwich.  The Squadron was originally formed in about 1977 as the Voluntary Emergency Rescue Squad, and was available for any emergency on or near the Island.  Today Marine Rescue North Stradbroke Island is one of five Volunteer Marine Rescue Squadrons in Moreton Bay to make up the Moreton Bay Zone of the Volunteer Marine Rescue Association of Queensland.  We have no policing role in any capacity whatever, rather we work in cooperation with the Water Police, Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and the (QAS) Queensland Ambulance Service to provide service to the boating public, residents and visitors to the island.

There are a number of membership options available, and members volunteer their time and expertise in whatever capacity they are able.  A very high priority is placed on all aspects of training, including; marine operations, first aid, marine radio, bar crossing, and emergency search and rescue procedures. Dedicated active members are required to obtain a range of qualifications to complement Search and Rescue activities. They maintain these qualifications to a high standard through regular training and assessment.  In addition to our normal work in assisting the boating public, we play a role in conjunction with the QAS in providing emergency medical evacuations from the island to the mainland.  Our main areas of operation extend south to Macleay Island, west to Peel Island, north to Southern parts of Moreton Island and east across the South Passage bar to access offshore waters areas off Point Lookout and Moreton Island.

We rely almost totally on community support, on voluntary donations, Corporate sponsors, subscriptions from members, fund raising activities, grants, and limited Government subsidies.  Members are not paid for their time volunteering, but enjoy maintaining our Base, our three rescue vessels, training both on and off the water. They also participate in number of, fund raising events and social activities where camaraderie and friendships are often fostered and developed.

Operational Information

Dunwich Base phone 07 3409 9338 all calls 7 days.

At any time, day or night our fully equipped Noosa cat or our smaller Kevlar Cat can be launched ready for most emergencies. Both vessels are fitted with appropriate radio and navigation equipment and are capable of navigating the South Passage bar in all but the most severe weather conditions.  Vessel assistance is offered, a donation to cover the cost of fuel and repairs is always appreciated. Our radio room and Operations Centre at Duwich, is fully equipped to allow monitoring of the 27mhz band (88 & 91), VHF (16,63,67,73 & 81) and HF (2524) marine bands and to maintain contact with our rescue boats and authorities during operations.  Our radio call sign is “Marine Rescue 449”.  Marine Rescue North Stradbroke is open on weekends and public holidays 08:00 hours to 16:00 hours and at other times as required.  Weekend calls re-directed to Duty Skipper. Mid-week calls are re-directed to the Operations Manager or call direct 0427 694 989.  Squadron President Richard Dunn 0458 800 592

Contact Details
Call Sign  VMR 449
Phone  07 3409 9338
Fax  07 3409 9337
After Hours Emergency  07 3409 9338
Location  Yabby St Dunwich
Postal Address  PO Box 28 Dunwich QLD 4183
E Mail stradbrokeisl@marinerescueqld.org.au
Radio Frequencies
VHF  16, 67, 81, 82, 12, 13, 80
27Mhz  88, 90
MF / HF