VMR Brisbane

VMR Brisbane is a volunteer organisation whose primary purpose is to save the lives of people in distress in Moreton Bay and surrounding areas.  We also have a very active social club for our members and their guests.Affiliated with VMR Brisbane are the Sandgate Yacht Club, Lionfish Dive Club & Sandgate Canoe Club.  Further, we provide facilities and assistance to various local volunteer organisations, clubs and schools.

Our base is strategically located at Shorncliffe, adjacent to Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane.

Our history can be traced to the foundation of the Sandgate Yacht Club in 1912 where of course, wind-powered sailing was king.  After fifty years of success membership was opened to owners of power vessels.  Shortly after 1969, the Sandgate Yacht Club Search and Rescue Squad was formed.  We had a name change in 1977 and again in 1990.  Our Squadron is now known as Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane Inc.

As a volunteer marine rescue organisation we provide a “first response” emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Volunteer Duty Crews maintain a vessel monitoring service every weekend and public holiday.  After hours calls are attended to by our Emergency Standby crew.  We work closely with other emergency services organisations including Water Police, Ambulance & SES.

We currently operate two specially built rescue vessels.  Our primary rescue vessel is a Kevlacat 3000 powered by twin 250hp Suzuki four-stroke outboards.  Our second vessel is a 4.59m Stabicraft for inshore work and powered by a 50hp Honda four-stroke outboard.  Both vessels are fitted with all the required safety equipment, radios, and additional equipment necessary for operations in our area.

Operational Information
The primary purpose of our organisation is to save the lives of people in distress in Moreton Bay and surrounding areas. This service is provided by our Duty Crews. Our Duty Crews attend our Operations Centre to maintain a vessel monitoring service and provide assistance as required every weekend & public holiday from 0600 hours until 1700 hours. Our Operations Centre Radio Room is manned from 6am to 5pm every weekend and public holiday.
Contact Details
Call Sign  VMR 401
Phone  07 3269 8888
Fax  07 3269 2245
After Hours Emergency 0428 022 881
Location  95 Allpass Parade Shorncliffe
Postal Address  PO Box 201 Sandgate QLD 4017
E Mail brisbane@marinerescueqld.org.au
Radio Frequencies
VHF 16, 67, 73, 81, 21
27Mhz 88, 91
MF / HF  
URL http://www.vmrbrisbane.com.au/