VMR Aurukun

VMR Aurukun operates out of Aurukun on the eastern side of the Gulf of Carpentaria south of Weipa. They do not maintain a radio watch. For assistance VTS in partnership with other Squadrons maintain a 24hr listening watch on VHF 16. If in phone range Qld Police Service should be your first point of contact. Masters should be advised that a fee applies to operations that are not of a life threatening nature.
Operational Information
VMR Aurukun operates a 7.5m NAIAD with a range of approximately 100 nautical miles. Aurukun Rescue is equipped with VHF, 27MHz radios. Launch time is approximately 1/2 hour from Aurukun.
Contact Details
Call Sign  VMR 498 or Marine Rescue Aurukun
Phone  07 4060 6800
Fax  07 4060 6191
After Hours Emergency  0429 313 986
Location  Shire Council Aurukun
Postal Address  C/- Shire Councle Aurukun QLD 4871
E Mail aurukun@marinerescueqld.org.au
Radio Frequencies
VHF  16