VMR Karumba

VMR Karumba is a small unit in a remote location that does not have the membership numbers to maintain duty rosters, radio watches or patrols. We are essentially a first response unit for serious emergencies at sea where life is in danger and respond on a needs basis only. All emergencies should be directed first to the local police and only to VMR directly if the police are unavailable. Radio VHF 16 is monitored 24 hrs a day by VTS (Cairns) for Karumba harbour and approaches and help may be sought through contact with them as required. All vessels at sea in the Karumba area are strongly advised to have a VHF radio on board and a 406 EPIRB to assist with your safety in a remote area where rescue assets are few and far between. Vessels intending extended trips away from Karumba should advise VMR of their intentions and duration before leaving Karumba.
Operational Information

VMR Karumba maintains an 11mt. Niad vessel of 700 HP equipped with long range fuel tanks for the large area of sea and river systems we need to cover. One boat, one crew, one chance. Please seek local advice for all your boating activities in our waters.

We are response activated by calling the local police on 47 459 120. Only if police cannot be reached and it is a serious emergency should you call VMR direct on 47 459 999. If no response is available on these numbers please call 000 and state your situation.

Contact Details
Call Sign  VMR 490
Phone  07 4745 9999
After Hours Emergency  
Location  MSQ Depot Yappar St Karumba
Postal Address  PO Box 163 Karumba QLD 4891
E Mail karumba@marinerescueqld.org.au
Radio Frequencies
VHF  16
MF / HF