VMRAQ has 25 affiliated Squadrons located throughout the State of Queensland, Australia and these Squadrons provide marine search and rescue services to the boating public on a volunteer basis.

Operating in tropical & sub-tropical waters, our Squadrons extend from the southern Queensland border, to the remote Gulf of Carpentaria, Thursday Island and Torres Strait region, over 2700 klm’s to the north.

Log On & Log Off
Volunteer marine rescue groups also offer a voyage planning service, which allows recreational mariners to call in to a marine rescue group to record their:

  • call sign or vessel name
  • departure point and time
  • intended destination
  • trip intention
  • number of people on board
  • expected time of return


What to do in an emergency
All mariners should have a plan in case disaster strikes. Your plan may look like this:

Make radio contact with the nearest volunteer marine rescue group and provide your vessel location; nature of problem; and number of people on board.
Ensure vessel security and crew safety.
Provide medical aid where necessary.
If able, set an anchor and have all crew don life jackets.
If unable to use the radio:
And other vessels are nearby, discharge orange flares during daylight
If other vessels are nearby or you are within five kilometres of land, discharge red hand-held flare every 30 minutes.
Discharge parachute rocket flare when completely dark – discharge another one within one minute of the first being let off.
If there is no response from the discharge of flares, switch on EPIRB and secure lanyard
Prepare vessel and crew for possible overnight wait.