VMR Raby Bay

About VMR Raby Bay

Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay is uniquely situated in central Moreton Bay. As well as being one of the busiest Boat Ramps in Queensland, our base is the closest mainland base to the treacherous South Passage access to offshore waters. Combine that with ease of access to beautiful areas such as Peel and North Stradbroke Islands, and it’s easy to see why VMR Raby Bay is such a busy unit. This diverse environment provides its own challenges with VMR Raby Bay vessels spending time in smooth, partially smooth and open waters, effecting a large number of rescues and medical evacuations.

Operational Information

VMR Raby Bay operates 2 Rescue vessels, both 10.5 metres in length.

Primary Rescue Vessel ‘ RBII ‘ is a modified Powercat hull powered by 2 x 300HP Suzuki outboard engines. This vessel is approximately five years old and is fitted with Forward Looking Infrared for search and rescue. This vessel also has Medivac capability.

Secondary Rescue Vessel ‘ RBIII ‘ is a Cougar Cat, approximately 16 years old, and primarily used for Medivac and search and rescue operations. This vessel is powered by two 300HP Suzuki outboard engines.

VMR Raby Bay is manned by volunteers from 0600-1800 hours Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Logging on with our base before leaving the boat ramp ensures somebody knows when you left, where you are going, and when you are due back.