VMR Weipa

About VMR Weipa

VMR Weipa does not maintain a radio watch.

For assistance in the vicinity of the Weipa approaches, VTS Cairns maintains a 24 hr listening watch on VHF 16.

If you are in phone range, Weipa Police should be your first point of contact on (07) 4090 6000.

Masters should be advised that a call out fee applies to operations that are not of a life threatening nature.

Operational Information

VMR Weipa operates a 10M Noosa Cat Rescue vessel with a range of approx 450 nautical miles.

This Rescue vessel is named ‘ Rescue 1 ‘ and is equipped with 27 meg, MF/HF, and VHF radios, satellite phone and an EPRIB tracking device.

Launch time is 30 minutes from the Evans Landing boat ramp.