VMR Prot Douglas Rescue Vessel

About VMR Port Douglas

We are the Volunteer Marine Rescue service that goes to the aid of mariners in need of assistance or rescue in the Great Barrier Reef waters off the coast of Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia.

Marine Rescue Port Douglas (MRPD) is affiliated with the Volunteer Marine Rescue Association Queensland (VMRAQ) and we are the official marine rescue service operating out of Port Douglas. We are one of 26 VMRAQ Marine Rescue Squadrons in Queensland. The Queensland Squadrons extend from Torres Strait in the north to the NSW border in the south.

Our mission is to respond to marine incidents in waters adjacent to Port Douglas. Incidents may include anything from major Search and Rescue activations, involving other Emergency Services, to towing disabled vessels or transporting injured mariners back to port.

Our Marine Rescue base is located adjacent to the Port Douglas boat ramp. This building was constructed over 40 years ago by our Volunteers at that time and our current team of Volunteers continue the good work in maintaining the building and equipment.

On the upper level is the Radio Room, Training Room and Administration. Down below is where we keep the smaller of our rescue vessels.

Operational Information

MRPD will attend calls for marine assistance within our operating range providing resources are available at the time and other circumstances permit.

This may include everything from serious Search and Rescue (SAR) activations, involving other Emergency Service agencies, to providing assistance to mariners who have had a mechanical breakdown out on the Reef and need a tow home.